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Event Information

Event Title

In this field, you should write the name of your event. It can be the theme of your event, the purpose of your event, or simply the name of your event. This title is displayed on your event page as the event title.

Event Description

Brief information of your event with catchy phrases is to be written in this field. The information which is added through this field will be used as your event’s description.


As the name suggests, you should be adding the start and finish dates and time to your event. These dates and times will be represented as the time period of the event.

Date/Time format

Through this field, you have to choose the format of the date and time to be displayed on your event website. You can choose the format your participants are used to see in your region.

CTA buttons

You can add your custom Call to action buttons on your event website. This button can be used to sell tickets, get event information, etc. You can add up to 2 Call to action buttons on your event website.

Venue Information

As the venue information is crucial for the event website, we provide a good number of features around it.

In this section, you can add an event venue, event location, venue image, venue description, and many more. The interesting feature you can get from this plugin is adding a proper map to your event website. You can search for a location or add latitude and longitude in the required fields.

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