WordPress Event and Conference Plugins and Themes

We help you build your own conference and events website.


We help you build an Event and Conference website. Our plugin will cope with all your different needy elements required on your WordPress website. The powerful customization we offer will help you build an interactive feature-rich website. The plugin is built such that it would help you manage sessions, speakers, schedules for your conference.

Speakers profile, being one of the main focus of your event, we provide tremendous amount of resources ranging from their detailed information to the details of the sessions. Alongside these features, you can add links to their respective social media pages and website.

With our plugin, you will be able to add sponsors’ profiles as well. You will also be able to categorize the sponsors as per your wish which ultimately helps your website to look neater.

You will get an access to make interactive sections on your event website that consists of the details of your sessions. That includes information on session room, session speaker, and their details.

Every event website is in need of a robust corner where information regarding timing is displayed. Looking at this necessity, we provide that feature in the most user-friendly way possible.

Everyone attending an event should not be bothered about the ways to get to that particular venue. Considering this, we have focused on providing a great way to know about the information on the venue with respective photos as a reference. You will also be able to add a map to the venue.

Available Themes

One Page Conference

Agility Conference

Design Camp

Free & Premium Add-ons

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I use the your Themes and Plugins?

WPEventPartners is a free plugin designed to build conference and events related website. You can use this plugin for free forever. We have build themes to backup this plugin.

Will I be able to use the plugin on my prebuilt event website?

Yes. You can use this plugin in any websites you like but for better experience we recommend you to use our recommended themes. It will save your setup time.

Can I get refund if I don't like this theme?

Absolutely, you can request a refund in next 30days of purchase. We will issue refund to you without hesitation.

What more can we expect in the future?

We are planning to bring more add-ons and themes. We are working on Elementor based themes and add-ons. With the feedback received from our users, we will be updating our plugin, themes and add-ons.

Can I use this for my clients projects?

You can use our plugin and theme for any kind of project you want. You can use it for your personal or commercial project. 

How do you make money to survive this?

Our WPEventPartners plugin is completely free. We only sell premium add-ons  for this plugins along with premium support.

Can I use it in unlimited website?

Its free and you can use for any number of website you want.

How do I whitelabel this theme?

We have a paid add-ons to white label the theme. You can remove the footer copyright and edit your text.