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How to change schedule layouts

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By default, you will get one Schedule Layout. You can buy the premium version of the theme One Page Conference Pro to get multiple schedule layout options. Upon the purchase of One Page Conference Pro, you will get the add-on Schedule Pro.

If you are conducting an event that goes for multiple days, then you might want to upgrade the Schedule to Schedule Pro. Features like displaying multiday/multitrack events are needed for your event.

Using the Schedule Pro, you can make sure your visitors find it much easier to see the event schedule in a day-wise format. The features like event timing, speaker and session details, and tracks help a lot in making the experience rich than before.

This plugin has a multitrack feature as well. This will ensure all your sessions are well structured such that every piece of information is displayed in the clean way possible.

How to use: #

Go to your WordPress dashboard -> Appearance -> Customizer -> Event Controller -> Schedule Section
Now, you can choose the schedule layouts from the options available.

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