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How to customize the theme

You can customize the entire website layout with your preferred Fonts, Color and many more. To get started Go to your WordPress dashboard, Click Appearance -> Customize.

General Options #

  1. Go to General Options – > Color
    Pick any color you want for each item.
  2. Go to General Options -> Fonts
    Select fonts for the entire website as well as heading.
  3. Go to General Options -> Social Media
    Add new Social Media -> Select Social Media and Add Links in the box below.
  4. Go to General Options -> Blog Options
    This section is for your blog page that you have inside our main website.
  5. Go to General Options -> Copyright
    You can add your own footer copyright text. (Available only in Pro)

Header Options #

  1. Go to Header Options -> Theme Header Options
    Select your preferable layout as well as enable/disable sticky if you want.
  2. Go to Header Options -> Site Identity
    Add Site Title, Tagline, Change Logo size, header height, logo color and many more.

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