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Corporate Event Pro

Corporate Event Pro is a premium WordPress theme for events, conferences, conclaves, and meetups. This theme is based on the Event and Conference Management WordPress Plugin, WPEventPartners. If you are the conference organizers and looking to build a conference or event website then this is the best theme for you. With the Corporate Event Pro theme, you will also get access to the premium version of the schedule where you can showcase Multi days and Multi track events.

Free v/s Pro


  • Site Logo/Branding
  • Floating/Sticky Menu
  • Multiple Headers
  • Multiple Banners
  • One Click Demo Import
  • Child Theme Compatible
  • Countdown Timer
  • Speakers Line Up Display
  • Schedule Management
  • Sponsors Logo Showcase
  • Unlimited Colors/Fonts
  • Three Demo Imports
  • Footer Copyright / Whitelabel
  • Access to Premium Addons
  • "LIVE NOW" notification in Schedule
  • Single Schedule Layout
  • Timezone Option
  • Support


  • Site Logo/Branding
  • Floating/Sticky Menu
  • Multiple Headers
  • Multiple Banners
  • One Click Demo Import
  • Child Theme Compatible
  • Countdown Timer
  • Speakers Line Up Display
  • Schedule Management
  • Sponsors Logo Showcase
  • Unlimited Colors/Fonts
  • Multiple Demo Imports
  • Footer Copyright / Whitelabel
  • Schedule Pro Addons
  • "LIVE NOW" notification in Schedule
  • Multiple Schedule Layouts
  • Timezone Option
  • Premium Support

Explore more on what we have to offer for you in Corporate Events Pro

Layout Options

Upon a purchase of this premium theme you will get all these demos. You can use any of them or customise as you want for different type of events.


Event Information

This is the hero section that is displayed as the main banner of the website. This section can be used to place attractive banners image along with your desire color as an overlay. You can display the event name, details, date, time, and venue in the main hero banner. Additionally, you can show/hide each section as per your requirement and the nature of your event/conference.

Event Countdown

Every event website is a major driving factor to bring participants to the event. The countdown on your website can be an intrusive way to inform visitors regarding when the event is happening.

Program Schedule

Every event website is in need of a robust corner where full agendas and schedules can be displayed. Looking at this necessity, we provide that feature in the most user-friendly way possible. One can easily design an agenda and program schedule from the dashboard itself by using our plugin, WPEventPartners. This comes along with our theme.

Multi-day & Multi-track Schedule

The multi-day schedule is the premium feature available only in the Pro version of the theme. This section helps to showcase the multiday and multitrack events in a user-friendly design. With this premium feature, your visitors will find it much easier to see the event schedule in a day-wise format.

Session Details

You can also display the session details in the program schedule such as Session room, Session speaker, and their details. Be it a virtual or live event, you can display all the information required.

Live Now Button

Attendees will see a "Live Now" button on the top right corner of the session which helps them know which session is going on at the moment. If you are doing virtual or hybrid events, showing the Live Now button the schedule helps a lot. This feature is available if you are using the premium version of our theme.

Timezone Selection

You might be organizing your event at different locations and your visitor might be checking your website from different locations. With this premium feature, you will be giving the option to your visitors to see the program schedule as per their convenient timezone.

Speaker's Profile

Speakers profile, being one of the main focus of your event, we provide tremendous amount of resources ranging from their detailed information to the details of the sessions. Alongside these features, you can add links to their respective social media pages and website.

Sponsor Showcase

With our plugin, you will be able to add sponsors’ profiles as well. You will also be able to categorize the sponsors as per your wish which ultimately helps your website to look neater.

Information Counter

The information counter is designed to share the event information in the nutshell. This section can be used to show how many people have registered, how many speakers and attendings. Just type the number and write information you wish to show, simple!

Event Ticketing

Event Ticketing or Registration can now be done easily using our theme. You can now use our theme and integration this is easy use Woocommerce based ticketing plugin for your Events and Conferences. You can start selling event tickets from the website itself.

Pricing Table

As you can sell event tickets from your website, you can also display a pricing table of your tickets. This section can be used to display different slabs of your tickets.

Venue Information

Everyone attending an event should not be bothered about the ways to get to that particular venue. Considering this, we have focused on providing a great way to know about the information on the venue with respective photos as a reference.

Map Integration

You will also be able to add a map to the venue. You can embed any maps you wish to in the section.

Organizers Profile

Organizers are the heroes of all events. We have considered building our theme in such a way that you can display organizers as well as volunteers' profiles. Displaying the organizer's profile builds trust amongst the attendees and sponsors.


Your attendees like reading what your past attendees have to say about your event. Our theme includes a testimonial section which you can displayed on the homepage as well as other pages.

Image and Video CTA

You will get two different Call to Action(CTA) sections on the homepage. These two CTA sections will help you to engage your visitors and turn them into your attendees. You can embed a youtube video, upload your own video or images and write any sales copy you want.

Section Re-ordering

There are multiple sections on the homepage that you can sort, reorder or hide as per your need. You can also show and hide every individual section as per your need. Oh yes! hiding a section will also hide the code which will give a good impression on the page speed.

Custom Image or Text Logo

You will be getting the option to have both the image and text logo. The images/texts which you will add depends totally upon you.

Header Options

As your header is home to some of the core elements of your website, we offer you multiple options to tweak left and right. Also, you can have a sticky header too.

Footer Options

You will also be able to select different styles of footer having different features each. This completes the versatility of the footer area.

Font Options

Along with the making of attractive design, as per the needs like font face and its colors, we have given different options.

Color Options

You can customize your theme with all Google font options for Title, Paragraphs, and logo. It also comes with unlimited color schemes so you can customize your site’s design to match your own brand.

One Click Demo Import

We have built an easy-to-use plugin to import sample data for you. With this plugin, you will be able to import the exact website that you can see in our demo. Once you import, you can change, edit and customize on your own.

Blog Section

You will get a blog section where your recent updates or information can be displayed in the form of a blog. You can enable/disable this option through a customizer.


There are multiple shortcodes available for WP Event Partners. You can display speakers' profiles, schedule sponsors information not just on the homepage but also on inside pages as you wish by using our shortcodes.

Social Media Integration

You can add a link to your social media account of your event or your organization. These social media links will be displayed on the top banner as well as the footer section of the website.

  • 15 days money back gaurantee
  • 1 year free support