You might be missing these features in your Event website


Usually, when we are about to publish our website, we make silly mistakes or forget about something that has a great impact on how the website is going to perform. This is human nature and can be resolved once we revisit the draft. 

When we revisit the draft, we should be making sure all checkboxes are ticked. Since our main priority is giving optimal user experience to our consumers, we should have created such an environment by every means possible. For that, we might need the right addon, plugin, practices, and ideas.

Maintaining the relation between facts and research, we have some suggestions and ideas to share with you which will help to improve your event website.

Ideas to make everything just better

When we are discussing about improving a website in general, we should never forget the impact an optimized plugin or feature-rich add-on can make. Alongside these, we should also know other key information. Some of them are discussed below:

Selecting the right plugin/addon

Before even going further discussing about features of plugins and methods to optimize them, we must select the right one first. 

Everyone knows the catalog of WordPress plugins and its quantity. No doubt, we will definitely go for the highly-rated or positively reviewed one. But there is no guarantee that that particular plugin/add-on has everything you need or expected to have one. 

We might face a lot of problems in the near feature if we discard this topic. Some of such problems are listed below:

  • We might get locked with that plugin/add-on because of non-transferable data
  • Useless features of that plugin/add-on will be slowing down your event website
  • Premium users might face the problem of not being able to get a refund because the deadline might have passed before realization

To tackle these problems, you should research more before using any plugin especially when it comes to business or event management to be specific. Apart from solving these problems, researching more about what you are using can help in other ways. Some of them are:

  • Gives an idea of identifying the needed resources apart from the core features
  • Helps to learn about extra marketing techniques related to that particular feature or plugin

Identifying the features provided by each plugin and comparing it with another

Between all these large variances of the plugin with almost different features than one another, we need something that is value for money and reliability. Everyone knows that these two entities can only go inversely proportional which makes it much harder to solve this issue. If you want to really choose the right one, I suggest:

  • Learning the documentation of that particular product very carefully
  • Understanding what you are really paying or licensing for
  • Reading reviews taking different perspectives (if it is a popular product)

You must have already figured out that it’s all about the research. But, while looking for resources, you must need comparison factors to really achieve the desired output. For that, here are some factors you might want to consider:

  • Authenticity
  • Support
  • Price range
  • Frequency of updates
  • Close to the exact need

There is a difference between need and exact need. For example: If you are searching for plugins for ‘conference management’, you should be searching for that exact topic or somewhere close to it like ‘pannel discussion management’. 

Choosing correct options while enabling features in plugins

After you have chosen that theme/plugin/add-on/etc, you should need to know some of the basic information regarding it. Like the load time, script optimization, etc. If you are really looking after the user experience of any user who stops by your website, then you should also look after the load time because an anonymous user who is visiting your site will be judging your event depending upon it as the first impression. Some of the other small details which you want to look after are:

  • Optimization of your site according to modern standard by using modern plugins
  • Usage of only the required plugins on a page to reduce load time
  • SEO principles should be applied because the core idea behind it is a user-end improvement

Normally, when we tend to use all the unnecessary features a plugin or add-on gives, we are left with a bulky site with numerous interface issues. Having such a problem on a website is not a good thing if you are willing to get the best output from the website. Apart from having compatibility issues, your site may lose its rank in search engines.

Extra features to opt-in for the cherry on the top

There are certain components in the website which if added, gives much more enhancement to it. These types of features are not necessary but would be great if included. All of these come as integration, add-on or sometimes even as a plugin. Some of them are:

  • Messenger chatbox: If you are a team of a handful number of people, it helps a lot on receiving queries or feedback. There are other chat portals too but messenger with its huge user base can be a better solution.
  • Facebook events: One of the best event promotion solutions is Facebook events where you are given a lot of features to play with can also be integrated with your WordPress event website.
  • Eventbrite: Being one of the popular event management solution, Eventbrite has a lot of tools which helps in making your event more visible and also equally helps in promoting your event organically. It can be integrated into your website.

There are other different integrations that can come up as handy. Depending upon the nature of your event, you might come across other tools. 


To conclude, it is obvious that what we need to be perfect can be achieved only by researching more. If you are still trying to figure out the right plugin or add-on, you can try our plugin. Our basic plugin covers almost all the core features. Other than that, we even offer add-ons that can be utilized in any way you like.

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