Make sure to include these things while planning your event 2020


Ever wondered how all these big event management companies organise perfect events? They are almost like you, but with more experience. They have faced the worst from the best. 

Such event management companies know how to bring participants from both online and offline in an effective manner. The participants, who keep interest in the event you are planning are easy to handle which automatically affects the planning part of the event. 

Promotion, marketing and other aspects needed to target such participants of interest for the event planning and execution side helps a lot on the overall event circle.

Event planning tricks for beginners

For the attraction of organic participants to your event and maybe on future similar events, you might need to think twice to these points. Every other big event management company focuses on these ideas and never misses one. You should also not.


One of the challenging parts of organising events is to understand your participants, to target the content you are providing. This is essential for any type of event. The participant you are searching might be searching the exact type of event you are about to organise. Here are some tips on finding the perfect audience for your event:

  • Go undercover on quora, reddit and other similar website to understand the interest of the people whom you are targeting
  • Go through the reviews and comments on other event websites/pages to know about the ways of improving experiences which comes under planning
  • To understand and be part of the discussions, join facebook groups of participants of same interest

Organisers always tend to misunderstand their participants and the content they are seeking. Some even cannot decide the content they should provide for the participants. Such problems occur after the research stage can be avoided by staying strict on searching participants after making the event content sheet.

After having a certain idea on the number of participants, you can start allocation of all the volunteers for the implementation of researched contents.

Onsite and offsite management

Depending upon the event type, you should arrange required volunteers. Don’t go overboard on the numbers because at last you are paying for their expenses like food, transport, certificates, etc. If you are in a really tight budget, then less volunteers is the choice. Such volunteers need to be very productive and active. Here are some of the ways to choose the right volunteers for the event you are planning.

  • While choosing someone, choose someone who is actually concerned about the event
  • If you are planning something related to school, college where the participants are of significantly low aged, you can go with anyone interested in such work
  • If your volunteers are leading other volunteers, choose someone with quality leadership skills

Your event needs good people to operate it from every aspect. To achieve positive feedback from every avenue of event organising standpoint, you must have the best of the best at particular designation.

Professionals often stick with the same people for every event.


People who are doing this from ages know the impact of ceremonies to an event. Such ceremonies are basically small gatherings before and after celebrating the overall event. If your event is something that needs participation in the most effective way, ceremonies are crucial.

Since it is a kind of mini event, the logistics and other resources will be different than the main event. These are some of the suggestions for an effective mini event planning:

  • Choose energetic host/emcee for the overall conduction of the event
  • Lineup some performances which may blend with the atmosphere of the event.
  • Make announcement of progress/impact from the day of previous successful event
  • Include speeches from the guests/chief guests
  • End your ceremony with a hyped up performance/act

All the logistics talked might differ with the scale of the event you are planning. Be well known about the scale of the opening and closing ceremony you are delivering to your participants because first impression defines your overall event and closing ceremony will be the cherry on the top.

Backup Plans

Before dreaming about future plans, let’s discuss the chances of the present one failing. We might somehow have an idea of the success rate of the event once people arrive at the venue. While planning, we must see the consequences and prepare beforehand. 

Backup plans are something noticeable and are identified by participants easily. So better blend the plan within the main. 

Most of the time, such plans are made, executed depending upon the atmosphere of the event and are rather instantaneous. 


If your event lacks basic stuff, then that cherry on top doesn’t make sense. For an event to be satisfactory to everyone, it requires basic facilities like:

  • Fooding: From volunteers to participants, everyone needs food no matter what type of event it is. Cover all planning parts like preferences beforehand and deliver the quality and healthy food.
  • Security: Depending upon the level of event, you must require the level of security required. If your guests are popular or someone popular is performing, you must give that required level of security. Apart from that, security checks are required while entering the venue.
  • Washrooms: It is self explanatory on how important washrooms are for everyone. Having one is not much of a deal, but having clean, hygienic and well equipped washrooms are always preferred.
  • Budgeting: Always estimate the maximum rate of expenses involved to get a certain idea on the areas of overspending and underspending and go with value for money on every aspect.
  • Signs, banners, placards: Informative signs are needed for the participants to not get through the hassle of searching/asking directions. Road signs can even be a simple way of promoting the event as well. 
  • Schedule: Always plan the schedule beforehand of the event date. It is needed for proper implementation of all planning parts in an organised manner.

These little things are often complained about. So better to arrange these sorts of misc things properly. It is important for even your future events too.


The only way of making an event successful is by planning every bit of the avenue it takes to make it the best. So don’t just stick with the idea of specific people. Whatever we have discussed above are basic things to keep in mind and do research on the circumstances related to organising an event.

Make sure you have researched well on every aspect and then move to the promotion side of the event because your event needs adequate exposure for overall success.

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