Things people often miss at the end of a successful event


Ever wondered why organisers/volunteers stay at the event venue even after the event has been completed? The simple answer is:  there is work to finish before declaring it as successful or less successful. 

Wrapping up an event

Before declaring the end, you might want to analyse everything. This is needed to make sure we have cleared all the avenue of an event which makes it perfect. One of the last tasks while organising an event is calculating the  assets directly or indirectly but that’s not the least. 

The wrap up phase of an event needs to be so impactful that it should be opening doors to other events conducted by same organisers in future.


If you are calculating everything related to an event, you might want to discuss everything with your team of both organisers and volunteers. If you are doing everything by yourself, it would be a challenge for you. To reduce such challenges, you might want to evaluate the benefits of having a meeting. Here are some of the pros you might want to learn:

  • Good learning experience
  • Everyone will be aware about profit/loss
  • People will develop good communication among themselves
  • Misunderstandings which may have arose while conducting event will be clear

For someone who is very keen towards the success of an event, meeting can be helpful to know everything about that particular event. This helps a lot in planning the next similar event. 


Another reference to be taken in future while organising an event can be the summary of the first event. The mistakes and plus points can be evaluated only after the summary has been learnt. Alongside the need, it has a great importance on shaping the experience of an event on the learning point of view to the organisers themselves. Some of them are:

  • Medium to help understand the problems occurred during the event more effectively
  • Calculation of expenditure and income along with the clearance of bills

Every event organiser should be understanding the need and responsibility of having a summary of everything. This encourages transparency and helps in loss distribution.


Most of the time, constructive criticism helps a lot to learn from mistakes. Such critics can only be learnt through the participants present in that particular event. Such suggestions can be taken in the form of review from participants. 

Most of the time, professional event management companies blend such sessions within the core event. But, we can do it separately too. Some of the ways to conduct an interactive review session are:

  • Don’t give the name of the session directly as review session or feedback session. This creates certain disinterest among people present.
  • Always give priority to someone who is having anxiety climbing the stage to speak their opinions. 
  • Don’t make it mandatory to speak. Let people decide freely.

As we approach the last respondent, we might feel that the feedback which we are receiving is getting boring or repetitive. At that time, we shouldn’t interfere because that leaves a negative mark. Since it is an interactive session, we should let the respondents be free on stage.

Distribution of Media

As an organiser, your media crew would be taking pictures or videos. If not yours, you might have hired some agency which would have taken videos/photos. Apart from videos, you might want to distribute stickers, merchandise, etc. Since this is after an event is completed, everyone might not be able to acquire all those goodies. So, you should have an effective way to distribute such materials. Here are some of the suggestions which you might feel helpful:

  • Always give out merchandise which are to be worn ahead of the event
  • To maintain the interest on the topic of event, you might give out small merchandises like stickers, notebooks, etc throughout the event
  • Always maintain contact with people whose connection brought significant number of participants
  • If the event has very few number of participants, organisers can maintain contact with them and give all goodies/media directly

Such distribution of media is not to be enclosed among these points discussed above. If you have an idea of a more effective way, then you can use it too. Depending upon your event type, you might have an effective way of doing this part.


People do miss a lot of things while ending the event. These are the wrap up ideas but you should be doing the whole event at the same level. If you need any ideas on planning, promoting or even implementation of events, you can check our previous articles too.

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