These countdown timers will make sure your Event WordPress site looks elegant


When it comes to the event website, many people think of signup forms, venue details, or even schedule. Very few realize the importance of countdown timers on their website. This is mainly because of the lack of knowledge to properly execute it. Some people add it to their website just to make it look a bit modern or fancy. 

Actually these countdown timers help a lot on the engagement of your website. This is a crucial avenue that is being touched in this area of web development because it helps a lot on the overall performance of the website. This performance is calculated by search engines and other social media sites which are further used to evaluate how much your links are going to be promoted. 

So this section in which we add our countdown timer is very much needed for your event to be organized.

Some of these plugins and widgets would help you achieve that performance benefits:

Countdown For WordPress

This widget is very powerful as it comes with the Elementor Pro. A very powerful plugin to start with, Elementor has been used in many WordPress sites. The features it provides as page builder is already great and when you subscribe to its Pro version, you would get access to this widget called countdown.

Countdown can be added to any WordPress page with a simple drag & drop, then customize it visually and easily. This tool is so powerful that you can easily set a custom action once the timer reaches zero. choose whether to hide the countdown, set a redirect, or show a message.

WP Maintenance Mode

Don’t go with the name of the plugin. It surely even says that it’s for maintenance mode on their official plugins page but you can use the tools for other purposes like revealing your event date, time, or even the theme of your event.

You can use a date with a countdown timer for visitor information or set a value and unit for information.

It also works with WordPress Multisite installs (each blog from the network has it’s own maintenance settings).

T (-) Countdown

jQuery T(-) Countdown Widget will display a highly customizable HTML5 countdown timer as a sidebar widget or in a post or page using a shortcode. Perfect for informing one’s website visitors of an upcoming event, such as a pending space voyage.

With more than 20,000+ active installation (during the time of writing this article), it has decent positive reviews to give a try. 

Coming Soon by Supsystic

It gives us an option to choose professional coming soon template and edit content with drag-and-drop builder to show our visitors that our website is under construction or maintenance mode. Although it is described as only for Maintainance and coming soon plugin, you can use it to tease any aspect of your event using it.

These four plugins may/should get your job done in a better way possible. If you haven’t chosen any sort of plugin/widget yet, you can try our plugin. It’s free for basic features and some paid features will make sure your event website looks the best.


At last, we all know that depending upon the necessity and budget, we should choose our plugin/widget. Hope this article was helpful in any means.

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