These are the correct ways to implement your planned activities while organizing an event


You have planned and promoted your event. But that’s only a small part of the total hassle you’re going to face. Your planned and promoted aspects don’t matter until and unless it’s implemented. The implementation should look professional and errors are to be hidden from the eyes of the participants. For your event to be correctly completed, you must think twice for some of these aspects.

Ways for correct execution of planned event

After you have planned all the necessary things for your event and also started to promote the event, you can start the implementation part. To execute all the ideas you might think twice about some of the basic ideas.


One of the basic ideas that comes to mind about onsite implementation is allocation. If you have enough volunteers in an adequate amount, then it will be easy to operate everything. Some of the ways of identifying better volunteers are:

  • Choose someone passionate over someone talented if you aren’t paying the volunteers. If someone is passionate as well as talented, they can be the one.
  • If you have given out certain criteria, don’t go for first-come-first because the deserving one can get left out.
  • Depending upon the size of the event, choose experienced ones.

Volunteers if not chosen wisely can make a different level of impact. This can affect the flow of the event. Your planned ideas are to be pitched accordingly through the help of volunteers and any sort of frequent improvisation can make a huge difference on success of the particular event.

If volunteers are guided the proper way, they can help a lot just by understanding the circumstances organisers are facing at a particular time. This can be a silent means of communication.


If organisers and volunteers aren’t communicating properly, then a lot of problems might arise. Such problems are enough to destroy the possibilities of an event to be successful. Some of the common problems with sort of solution are:

  • Pre-event communication is something very important. Without it, the preparation phase on the day of the event would be very hard to pull off.
  • Guidance helps volunteers and organisers understand the situation and act accordingly. Such information is to be presented by person leading volunteers before-hand
  • Proper communication means helping to contact the exact person at the exact time. Especially if the venue is huge, it should be mandatory.

‘Perfection is impossible but always preferred’, which should be put to work in terms of communication because it is one of the primary things to do correctly.

Many big event management companies train their volunteers accordingly and are well trained to even make decisions by themselves. A little bit of training from your end to your volunteers can be Ice on the cake.

Logistics Management

If anything is as beautiful as icing on the cake – it is perfectly managed logistics. According to the event type, you might require certain materials. These might range from minor to major. Some points are there to be taken into consideration while handling logistics:

  • As planned, use materials that actually reflect the event. Rather than flashy random words here and there. It helps in developing portfolio for future events.
  • For online participants, you must require some signs pointing to the venue around locality.
  • If you have certain sessions requiring certain props, then analyse the requirements and manage it beforehand

Small stuff matters depending upon event type. Some are:

  • Wi-Fi Password
  • Charging Stations
  • Food Preferences
  • Food and Snacks for Volunteers

Monitor and Inspect

If you are leading a team for something huge, you might want to inspect and monitor everything to be sure that everything is going alright.

As a leader, any sort of action is to be taken effectively and quickly. Some of the core things to be taken in mind as someone leading are:

  1. Stay steady for any last minute changes while event takes place
  2. Some ideas to make the event even better comes at the time of event, command such ideas correctly
  3. React to problems effectively with most feasible solution/advice
  4. Keep backup plans which can be used to modify certain aspects of the event

You are the senior there to manage everything. So, your presence with interest creates an atmosphere of pressure of doing everything right. Which is needed to accomplish the event you have been working for quite a while now.


If you are at the execution phase, you might want to be more careful with all the improvements. These last moment changes should blend with the event. Several committees which are created for the event are to be trained well and are to be taught about every possible thing that can go wrong. This helps on every avenue discussed above. 

But do make sure you have done your homework on planning and promoting your event.

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