Best ways to promote your event considering ‘value for money’ 2020

The way you promote your product, people tend to consume it accordingly. The amount of value you show your participants defines the relevance it gets through the product you provide. Your event is the product and participants are the consumers. 

Consumers are divided into 2 types depending upon promotion: organic and inorganic. Organic consumers are those who find you through their interest whereas inorganic are those whom you target according to the category of your interest.

When you target someone with something while promoting it, you should be able to make them feel the way you want.

Promotion with less investment

The task of indulging people to your event, making them feel the way you like about that particular event is quite difficult unless you find the right knob to turn. One must define the scope from the medium of graphics and texts to make sure right organic traffic is targeted. For organic everything, one must focus on some core ideas of promotion.


The topic of adverts and paid promotion is quite a vast one because most of the promotion ideas involve advertisement. When people put out advertising materials, they often tend to discard the idea of organic and inorganic reach. Some of the advertising ways that encourages the idea of organic participation are:

  • Social media is the best place to run paid advertising materials. The best platforms are Facebook, Instagram, Google, etc.
  • Paid shout-outs is one of the most famous ways of promoting something. If you have the right page of similar content, you can gain a lot from even a small amount.
  • Influencers are one of the best mediums of targeting your product of similar interest because of the likelihood of their persona of delivering the ideas effectively.
  • Magazine ads are inorganic way of promotion, but if the category of the magazine is almost similar to the event type, you can place ads there too.

Alongside these, someone running a campaign like ads, need to learn about these terms:

  • CPM: Cost Per Mile is the amount an advertiser pays a website per thousand visitors who see it’s advertisements
  • CTA: Call to Action is an action referring to any device designed to prompt an immediate response or encourage an immediate sale.
  • Paid reach: It is a term used to refer to the promotions which includes financial agreements
  • Unpaid reach:  It is a term used to refer to the promotions which don’t include financial agreements.

Social Media

If you are low in finance or your promotion budget is quite lower than what it should be, then the social media promotions are the way to go. Social media is a hub of different people which can be categorised according to the interest of the people. 

Using this sort of separation/category, we can target organic audiences. Some of the ways are:

  • If your event has anything to do with guest/speaker/artist/etc, then you can easily promote your event effectively through their profile/pages
  • If your interest is similar with the people added to your profile, then you can ask them to talk about your event through the posts or simply share the promotional materials
  • If you know pages/profile which are into same kind of idea then you can reach out to them to gather lookalike audiences

When anyone (mainly experts) is on a low budget at a promotion standpoint, then they often  seek promotion through friends and families which is undoubtedly one of the most effective ways of promoting something for free.

Lookalike Audience

Low budget ideas can be upgraded to better ideas by just adding more finance on to it. Similarly if the topic your event is based upon has a very low audience, then you can try finding lookalike audience. Such an audience may not be a priority for you but they are needed to pull off the event you are conducting.

Some of the things to be taken into consideration before choosing lookalike audiences:

  • Find people with similar background
  • Don’t target people above the level of expertise 
  • Make sure your lookalike audiences are from closest subcategory than whole category in general

If lookalike audiences are quite larger in number than others, there can be slight chances of an event to be unsuccessful. Do enough research before any action.


When you finally tend to calculate the tentative number of people, you might want to engage them to the event or simply remind them about it again and again. This can be achieved by doing giveaways. Such giveaways can be for selling the tickets or just to maintain the same level of hype among participants.

If done correctly, it is a great way to promote an event. Here are some suggestions on creating best of the best giveaways:

  • Conduct giveaways related to event by including prizes around the atmosphere of that particular event
  • If you are too desperate and in fear of low participation, conduct giveaways like ‘sell 10 to get 1 free’
  • Connect giveaways with sponsors which can be a great promotion for both sides

Many companies have been conducting such giveaways for the purpose of exposure of their products through such ways. So it’s a tested method to try out your promotion ideas.

Celebrity Shout-outs

Another tested method is involvement of celebrities and influencers. When someone’s favorite promotes something, people automatically tend to try out that particular thing. Same goes with celebrities. This is an inorganic way of promoting an event but is seriously worth a try. If the interest or background of the celebrity is also similar to the type of event, then it’s a win-win scenario for both parties. For example: If an event is about personality development, anyone with a different personality can promote the event. 

The events which involve celebrities or someone can be directly promoted without any hassle and can be much more effective.


When it’s about promoting an event, every piece of way is beneficial. Depending upon your budget, you can promote your event to another level. The digits of the promotion budget doesn’t matter because everyone is seeking that ‘value for money’. 

Planning and promotion of events can be a core part of organising an event. But if you can’t implement the ideas, it’s worthless. Check out our article on implementation of the ideas generated while planning your event.

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