Most WordPress event websites lack using these strategies to make their website stand out


These days event websites using WordPress have been a lot common. This has introduced a healthy competition creating lots of options. Choosing the right one for your event might be frustrating. That ends up to a dissatisfactory WordPress event website.

Before going to the core side, you should be doing all things right until then. For that here is a small list of features/steps you can use as a checklist:

  1. Choosing the right Domain name
  2. Choosing the best hosting provider
  3. Shortlisting all the necessary features to add on your WordPress event website
  4. Having a set of marketing strategy in mind
  5.  Making sure the content type is different than others

After sorting out all these avenues, you will have a basic idea of how your event website will turn to.

Making everything look perfect

It’s almost certain that nothing is perfect especially for something this fresh. We might have the best theme, plugin, widget, addon, etc available but the implementation shows the true colors. While we start thinking about all the ways to take each and every benefit, we should look after the advantages and disadvantages too. These small details can bring a lot of impact on your event WordPress website.

Some of the ways of identifying all the possibilities are mentioned below:

  • Make sure you have your full control over the theme. Check every possible customization and ensure you have a certain level of comfort over your event website.
  • Make sure all the plugins you use with the theme are recommended by theme creators. This will help your website run more smoothly and efficiently. Usually, event websites have too many scripts/plugins running on the homepage so using optimized plugins will help a lot.
  • Go for light widgets which helps your website perform better on SEO rankings. Search engines calculate the loading time of your website and place you accordingly on their search page. Heavy widgets contribute to bad low time reports.
  • Make sure the theme you choose is modern with a stylish layout. This makes your viewers come back again and again which results in better site performance.
  • If your event is a recurring event, focus on building good SEO rankings which will help you to be more visible on simple searches. You can try using SEO plugins is you are clueless to try out by learning yourself.
  • Connect your WordPress event website with services like Eventbrite, Google Events, Facebook events, etc. This makes your event pop up to different social media platforms much efficiently.
  • Use the blog side of your website to engage with your audience or participants. This helps your site build authenticity.
  • Explore the theme, plugin, tool, widget documentation pages to have more idea on what your website is capable of doing.


These little suggestions are undermined while making an event website. Especially for small event management companies, focusing on such points helps to gain more traction. 

Usually, people are extremely clueless regarding such important topics. If you are still confused, you can try our theme or plugin which are pre-optimized to the above standards. We offer step by step guide with enough support facilities if you need while setting up our themes and plugins as well.

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