10 Best WordPress virtual Conference Plugin for 2020


In this era of digitalization, we are moving closer and closer to conduct actions virtually. Along with the ongoing revolution of uploading everything on the internet, in this field of event management business, the COVID-19 pandemic has made it almost impossible to hold large conferences and webinars. As we are trying to find the correct solution for this problem, we have listed out some of the Best WordPress virtual Conference Plugin which may help you to conduct your upcoming events virtually.


WordPress virtual  Conference Plugin

If someone is asking for a free, easy to use, simple plugin to manage all the important assets of an event management plugin, you should recommend them WPEventPartners. This plugin offers a lot of useful features which are totally based upon the modern techniques of promotion, plan and execution of a versatile event. Making everything much better, they have provided themes which goes well with easy-to-use plugin. Cherry on the top, their paid add-ons and themes come with 30-days refund policy.


One of the hardest things to cope with is ticketing and other monetary exchange during the registration period. Saving the day, Fooevents, a WooCommerce plugin suits best in this condition. It removes the middle man and makes it possible to sell an unlimited number of custom-branded tickets from your own WordPress website without having to pay any ticket fees or commission. FooEvents ensures that you have full control over the ticket sales process and customer data, making it the safest and most flexible event and ticketing solution available.


If you want to sell tickets on your site and deliver them to your buyers digitally, Tickera is exactly what you need. When you use the Tickera plugin to sell and send tickets, you are essentially setting up your own hosted solution wherein you control the profits with no requirement to send a cut to a third party. It allows you to check-in attendees easily by using a simple iPhone and Android mobile applications as well as Barcode readers or even our powerful premium platform-independent Chrome Desktop application to speed up the whole check-in process.


One of the prominent service providers in this WordPress event website space is TheEventsCalendar. With their already industry-standard features, they have added a new addon which makes virtual events’ experience much better.


Amelia is a simple yet powerful automated booking specialist, working 24/7 to make sure your customers can book appointments or events and pay online. It has a minimalistic interface that makes sure every little feature is closer to your fingertips. Most of the features are automated such that it runs smoothly.


As you should have already known by now that virtual events are quite new and feature these plugins provide correlates both online and offline events. You should try the plugins and see yourself either it suits your event or not.

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